Steam Ovens with Microwave

The built-in  steam oven with microwave: Steaming, cooking and warming food in one appliances.

Exclusive to Miele Perfection just as you like it – MultiSteam is the combination of powerful steam generation and optimum steam distribution via 8 inlet ports. The steam generator with 3.3 kW ensures fast and even steam distribution, and short heat-up times of the oven cavity. The incoming steam completely fills the oven cavity and displaces the oxygen. This ensures that the food looks as good after the steaming process as it did before.

Exclusive to Miele  Automatic programme for popcorn preparation – Thanks to the popcorn button on the fascia panel, one packet of popcorn can now be prepared quickly and simply in the Steam Microwave oven. Behind the popcorn button is an intelligent automatic programme that is perfectly set-up for making a normal-sized packet of microwave popcorn. Convenience at the touch of a button!

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