With intelligent technology, Miele can provide the optimum climate for every kitchen. There are two options for effective air filtration: extraction and recirculation. Both operating methods have their strengths and limitations.

The decision of whether either extraction or recirculation can be used in your kitchen depends on several different factors. Please contact our sales team to help choose the right mode for your kitchen.

Slimline Rangehoods

Exclusive to Miele   Powerful lighting with minimum energy consumption – LED spotlights are an optical highlight and are environmentally friendly. A Miele LED spotlight consumes only 3 or 4.5 W and thus saves a lot of electricity. Miele LEDs illuminate the cooktop with a warm, natural and even light.

Decorative individual panels to conceal the filters – In rangehoods with edge extraction the commercial-looking metal grease filters are hidden behind a decorative cover. Cooking vapours are extracted around the perimeter and for hoods with multi-zone extraction from the centre area of the hoods as well.

Built-under & Built-in Rangehoods

The heart of every rangehood – The heart and soul of every rangehood is the motor. Some Miele rangehoods feature ECO motors which work up to 70 % more economically than conventional motors. They are also very quiet but still as powerful as the motors in other Miele rangehoods.

Wall and Island Rangehoods

Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional – Miele rangehoods are equipped with a 10-layer metal grease filter. The top layers and filter frame are made of high-quality stainless steel. “When you conveniently clean the grease filters in the dishwasher, no visible discolouring will occur,” and the Miele grease filters keep their high-quality appearance for a long time.

Each Miele rangehood is unique – All Miele rangehoods are developed at Miele’s Arnsberg plant and for the most part hand-crafted. Every stage of the manufacturing process involves a certain amount of manual craftsmanship: From shaping the steel to welding and polishing. The commitment of employees, their expertise, creativity and desire to excel have contributed greatly to Mieles position in the market today.

Downdraught extractor

Miele rangehoods in motion – Do you have special requirements? If so, you will be impressed by our motorised rangehoods. Our exclusive slimline and downdraft hoods automatically move into the perfect position for operation and back into its park position when switched off. The height of the motorised island hood can be adjusted. The best in ergonomics, highly efficient extraction and perfect integration into the kitchen.

Flexible installation options – Miele downdraft extraction is versatile in every respect: The internal fan is ideal with highly efficient extraction mode and for the recirculation mode, for example in passive houses. In addition to the many technological advantages, downdraft extraction offers completely new installation options thanks to its compact design. It takes up very little space in the base unit and leaves plenty of room for drawers.

For further product information and price inquiries please contact our Miele Specialist team in Drummoyne.