Coffee Machines

Fresh bean system Coffee Machines

Exclusive to Miele  Easier docking of the milk system – With the convenient EasyClick feature, the milk system can be easily snapped into place or removed. The coffee machines from Generation 6000 offer, along with EasyClick, another new feature: A high-quality glass milk container. Apart from easy cleaning, glass has the benefit of being transparent, allowing you to see when milk needs replenishing.

Save your favourite beverage in a personal user profile – and your Miele coffee machine will greet you with your personal preference. You can allocate up to 10 (CVA 6000) or up to four (CM 6) individual user profiles. All the parameters for your favourite drink, just the way you like it: Amount of ground coffee, water temperature and amount as well as preparation of milk, if applicable. For individual coffee enjoyment.

Exclusive to Miele  Automatic height adjustment of the central spout – The unique CupSensor simplifies use of the CVA 6800 machines. This innovation detects the rim of cups and adjusts the central spout clearance accordingly. The ideal locator prevents splashes, and helps achieve the perfect temperature for the coffee and an excellent crema. After the milk dispenses, the central spout moves up 1 cm to prevent soiling.

Nespresso Coffee Machines

Exclusive to Miele  Room for 20 Nespresso capsules in 5 varieties – The unique electronic capsule carousel allows for individual Nespresso-coffee enjoyment. At the touch of a button you can select your preference from up to five different Nespresso types. The carousel is easily removed for replenishing and has room for 20 capsules in 5 dispensers. Dispenser order is programmable via the display panel.

Perfect milk froth for coffee specialities – The Cappuccinatore allows hot milk or milk froth to be prepared with the greatest of ease. The hot milk or milk froth is delivered straight to the cup or glass in a matter of seconds. It is also easily cleaned in a dishwasher.


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