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Discover a new freedom in the kitchen 

The Two-In-One KMDA 7774 now brings Miele Powerflex induction cooking zones together with an automatic extractor with intuitive operation.

The perfect union of cooktop and extractor –  No matter whether you are frying or steaming, the TwoInOne reliably absorbs vapours and odours. Fats are efficiently filtered through the 10-ply stainless steel metal grease filter. The automatic Con@ctivity 2.0 feature determines the correct fan setting and regulates it continuously during the entire cooking process, so you can concentrate fully on making great food. PowerFlex is characterized by the flexible use of the cooking zones and a particularly high power output.

Intuitive operation is ensured by the SmartSelect controls, which help you make the most of a wide range of functions.

Convenience and safety in detail – Located behind the grease filters is the Miele CleanCover: Instead of sharp metal edges and electrical components you will find only a sealed, smooth surface. It is particularly easy to clean and protects you from coming in contact with cables and motor components. Miele attention to detail – for your convenience and safety.

The top layers and filter frame are made of high-quality stainless steel. “When you conveniently clean the grease filters in the dishwasher, no visible discolouring will occur,” and the Miele grease filters keep their high-quality appearance for a long time.

Con@ctivity 2.0 automatically switches the extractor on and off and adjusts the extractor power to the cooking process. This way, you always have a pleasant room climate and can concentrate entirely on cooking. The extractor even switches off automatically when not needed.

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