Steam Combination Ovens


Exclusive to Miele Steam oven with oven function and combi cooking – The XL steam combination oven with its conventional oven functions meets the needs of all your cooking requirements. It also features conventional oven functions such as Fan plus, Conventional heat and Grill. It shows its skill in combi cooking – a combination of moist and dry heat for perfect results, particularly when baking and roasting.


DirectSensor – Direct Selection Plus 4-Line Clear Display – Sensor sontrols can be used to directly selected the desired mode. Other Oprions ans settings are available via the four-line clear text display.


Perfection just as you like it – the Miele steam combination ovens are all-round pros. You can make starters, soup, fish, meat, vegetables, side dishes or desserts separately – or an entire meal in a single.  Thanks to Miele’s MultiSteam technology, external steam generation ensures perfect results. 

M TOUCH  Display –   Maximum elegance meets maximum convenience. The innovative full touch display offers unbeatable aesthetics and convenience. 

For further product information about the Miele Steam Combination Ovens and their features please contact our Miele Specialist team in Drummoyne.