Floorcare Accessories

Dustbags and Accessories

Miele has developed ingenious technical features so that you can clean practically and easier than ever before, whether you’re after a full-size or lightweight and compact option.

Miele’s vacuum accessories also make the most of your machine and let you clean smaller, hard-to-reach places such as the car or mattress grooves. The specially-designed accessories ensure that no space is left inaccessible.

Filter and dustbags

Breathe easy with Miele’s multi-stage filtration that ensures vacuumed dust remains securely locked in, and that the air expelled while vacuuming is cleaner than ambient air.Along with super filtration, Miele bagged vacuums seal in dust with strong and durable dustbags.

Choose from a filter that caters for day-to-day needs (AirClean filter), one that is suitable for allergy sufferers (HEPA AirClean filter) or one that neutralises unpleasant odours for pet owners (Active AirClean filter).

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