Staff Profiles

Dimitri Dafnis

Dimitri is the Miele Specialist Bing Lee store manager. He has been selling high-end kitchen appliances for over 15 years.

Being familiar with many brands in the industry, he uses his knowledge to explain and inform customers of the difference between Miele’s range and other products on the market.

Dimitri invites you to come to Drummoyne for a coffee and fresh biscuits baked in-house as you enjoy browsing the showroom.

Dicken Wong

Dicken is a sales consultant and has been working in the kitchen appliance industry for over a decade. Prior to that, he worked as a kitchen designer.

He always keeps himself up to date with the latest technology.

As a proud owner of several Miele appliances, Dicken loves to test-drive his appliances at home and pass on any helpful tips to customers. Assisting customers to find solutions for their household needs is a top priority for Dicken.

Diane Pollitt

With over 15 years of experience in selling and demonstrating kitchen appliances, Diane is able to communicate and understand the needs of customers when it comes to choosing the right appliances for their kitchen.

Diane has a background in catering and a passion for cooking, so she is always interested in sharing experiences and looking for new ideas in the kitchen. Being a Miele Specialist enables her to share first-hand the technology and performance of Miele appliances.

Craig Bertuccio

Craig has proudly been in retail sales and management for over thirty years. He believes the kitchen is the heart of any family home and always recommends the appliances to suit the lifestyle of his clients.

Whether it’s a steam oven for a health-conscious family or pyrolytic oven to clean itself after the Sunday Roast, Craig takes his time to ask the right questions. He always endeavours to find out a little bit more about his clients’ needs to provide them with the right advice and value for their dollar.

Anna Luchtenberg

Anna is the administrator of the Miele Specialist Bing Lee Showroom. She is originally from Germany and grew up with the household brand name of Miele.

She has three years’ experience in wholesales and marketing for international brands in Europe.

Anna prides herself on high-quality service and loves to work with customers to offer them the German service in a feel-good atmosphere.




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