The Dialog Oven

The Dialogue Oven ($15,999 – DO7860 Obsidian Black)

The Dialog oven introduces a brand-new way of cooking, incorporating technology in which sensors maintain a constant dialogue with your food to deliver perfect result plus up to 70% faster.
The world-first M Chef technology safely applies electromagnetic waves in a specific frequency range distributed into the oven via two high-performance sensors. From the outside, the appearance of the Dialog oven is comparable to that of its conventional counterpart, on the inside, the Dialog oven opens up a whole new world of cooking, baking and roasting pleasure.
M Chef cooks food ‘volumetrically’, from the inside-out, meaning a fillet of meat for example can be cooked uniformly pink from the edges right through to the core. This result is much more difficult to achieve in a conventional oven, with the exception of slow cooking, as heat always travels from the outside-in, so when the core is cooked, the outer layers are often already well done. Simply put The Dialog oven allows you to achieve cooking you have never seen before. But make the impressive statement about being unique and aspirational.
Dialog owners receive a beautiful comprehensive cookbook when they purchase their oven, to inspire and guide them using this revolutionary technology. A unique dining experience by invitation only is also included with the purchase of their Dialog Oven at their nearest Miele Experience Centre, where they experience the new world of cooking using M Chef technology, under the expert guidance of Miele’s professional chef.

For more information regarding this revolutionary product please contact our Miele Specialist Bing Lee showroom Drummoyne.

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