Miele Standards

Tested for 20 years’ usage

For over 100 years Miele has embodied first-class manufacturing and quality German engineering. The global household name is profound for their high standards in production, durability and performance.

Meile is the only manufacturer in the industry who tests their products to the equivalent of 20 years’ usage. You can have peace of mind knowing that your Miele products will cater for your everyday cooking and cleaning without diminishing in power or efficiency.

It’s through this vigorous and strenuous measuring that Miele aims and continues to be Immer Besser – Forever Better. Watch the clip below to see the testing of Miele products in the labs.

Environmentally-conscious production

Miele’s methods of production save resources and are environmentally friendly. These high standards reduce unnecessary consumption of electricity, water and detergent. By purchasing Miele, you’ll be making a safer choice for the planet while cleverly reducing your bills.

Find out more by reading this brochure on Miele’s Quality Pledges.